Vostell Automobile

Vostell, Wolf
Editorial: Wasmuth
Encuadernación: Hardcover with dust jacket
Idioma: English / German
Páginas: 352
Medidas: 19.00 x 28.50 cm

Perhaps no single technology has defined the postwar world as much as the automobile. The automobile has shaped our physical landscape–our personal space as well as larger, geographical and atmospheric space–as well as our mental world. Since the 1960s, artist Wolf Vostell has been addressing the automobile–as design object, as modern icon, and as an invention capable of shaping and altering the world around it–in »auto-sculptures» and performances. «Vostell–Automobile» documents Vostell’s career over the past forty years, from his early, Pop-influenced work, to his auto-sculptures, auto-happenings, and auto-installations, as well as object-pictures like «Zyklus Mania» and his «Project for a new flag for the German Republic», a proposal for a new flag that would reflect the autmobilization and mechanization of modern life.

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