Why Do Architects Wear Black?

Rau, Cordula
Editorial: Springer Verlag
Encuadernación: Flexicover
Idioma: English
Páginas: 228
Medidas: 11.00 x 15.50 cm

An industry manager who left his white-blue, silver-shimmering world of car bodywork and dove into the pitch-black, mysterious world of architecture for the first time during a competition asked me one day: «Ms Rau, why do architects actually wear black?» Although I was wearing black and I am an architect I didn’t have a spontaneous answer, so I responded: «Ask the other architects!» That was in 2001, and it is why this small book came to be. I have asked the question at an international level and whenever it seems appropriate ever since. The sometimes amusing and other times programmatic or hair-splitting answers I have received over the last seven years are listed chronologically in this little black volume. Read, and please, don’t ask me why architects wear black! – Cordula Rau, 22. 02. 2008


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