You Never See the Same Color Twice (ed number 76/90)

Tuttle, Richard
Editorial: Walther König
Medidas: x cm

Limited edition of 90 copies. Richard Tuttle began this project when he was artist-in-residence at the Getty Research Institute in 2012-2013. «You Never See the Same Color Twice» consists of 10 folders (plus one colophon folder) each dedicated to a theme like : Color and Function / Color Authorities / Primitive Color / Beautiful Color / Skin Color and Color / Mystic and Metaphysical Color / Subjective/Objective Color / Light and Color (Color and Light) / Theory of Color / Color, «Real» Color, Real Color The folders include original writings by Richard Tuttle and images of artworks and documents. With these selections and texts, he departs from concrete notions of color, instead proposing a boundless vision of «real» color. Tuttle’s themes and provocative questions bring together seemingly disparate episodes, providing new ways to consider and experience our own relationship to color. The concept, design and manufacturing process was overseen by the artist. Inspired by the rich collection of the Getty Research Institute, Richard Tuttle engages himself in surprising images and short texts with the fundamental question of color in the artistic process and offers a poetic invitation to his world of color. The book is a peak of the numerous artist books he has published since the end of the 1960s.