White Vessels Portfolio

Koo, Bohnchang
Editorial: Amana Salto
Encuadernación: Box containing book and three prints
Medidas: 0.00 x 0.00 cm

Renowned Korean photographic artist Koo Bohnchang crafts his latest platinum print series and book White Vessels into this limited Book+Folio edition. It includes platinum prints from amanasalto and his new book White Vessels, published by Yido in Korea. The series specifi cally focuses on the Japan Folk Crafts Museum’s collection of white Korean porcelain vessels from the Joseon dynasty. White Korean porcelain vessels, with a long history of hundreds of years were originally used exclusively by the royal court and later also by the elites, eventually by the common people. Th e beauty in their plain\nsimplicity of these white vessels have fascinated many advocates of the Folk Art movement in Japan including Soetsu Yanagi who actively promoted the “beauty of usage”, as well as collectors from the Western countries. In order to\nrebuild the collection of home treasures, Koo travelled around the world to capture the spirits of these vessels dispersed in various museums around the world.\nWith the cooperation of the Japan Folk Crafts Museum, we have selected together with the artist from his photographs of Soetsu Yanagi’s white Korean porcelain collection, captured in 2006, to be newly released as our platinum\nprint series this year. Carefully portrayed by Koo, each vessel’s unique texture developed through the passage of time and the delicate beauty in their simplicity are enhanced by the rich tonality and high defi nition of platinum and palladium prints. Th e prints and the book are presented in an elegant clamshell case carefully handmade by Japanese craftspeople. All editions include artist’s autograph and a serial number


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