Untamed Spirits: Horses from Around the World

Editorial: Teneues Verlag
Encuadernación: Hardcover
Idioma: English
Medidas: x cm

For many people, horses are among the most fascinating creatures on earth. Their grace, strength and beauty are reflected in their appearance. Capturing this elegance and grace requires a special feeling for these sensitive creatures, which Drew Doggett, one of the world’s best-known horse photographers, clearly possesses. Now, for the first time, the award-winning artist’s most beautiful photographs can be admired in the top-class coffee table book Untamed Spirits: Horses from Around the World.

The impressive portfolio includes photos of wild horses in the Camargue, Sable Island and Iceland. Doggett, who is regarded by connoisseurs as one of the most outstanding horse photographers, not only sets himself apart from other published horse books with his captivating photographs of horses in the wild. Peacefully aesthetic depictions of top-class breeding animals, dressage, hunting and polo horses also adorn the richly illustrated book.

Drew Doggett takes his readers by the hand and guides them through the fascinating and exciting world of horses. His fashion-inspired lens opens up the viewer to a whole new experience of fine animal photography from an artistic perspective.