Transform! Designing the Future of Energy

Editorial: Vitra Design Museum
Encuadernación: Paperback
Idioma: English
Páginas: 200
Medidas: 17.80 x 23.10 cm

This publication accompanies the exhibition «Transform! Design and the Future of Energy» at the Vitra Design Museum.

Energy is the central driving force of our society; Energy is political; Energy is invisible. But all buildings, infrastructure and products with which energy is generated, distributed and used are designed. Design must therefore also play a central role in urgently needed energy transition. This publication accompanying the exhibition “Transform! Designing the Future of Energy» explores the current, radical transformation of the energy sector from a design perspective: from products that harvest renewable energies to the design of solar houses and wind turbines, from intelligent mobility concepts to future visions of self-sufficient cities. It sheds light on the global thirst for energy and asks critical questions: How can design contribute to making greater use of renewable energies and to reducing our energy consumption?

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