Shen Ling: Eroticism And Love

Editorial: Timezone8 Limited
Páginas: 293
Medidas: 25.60 x 29.50 cm

New, never used. Even though Shen Ling does not claim to be a feminist and that she is only interested in representing herself within the context of her sensual experiences, the direction in which her works are developing are unquestionably subversive and offer a challenge to patriarchal culture – Jia Fangzhou, Beijing-based professor of art history, CAFA. Shen Ling paints like a joyful novelist writes, attaching humorous elements to the often ignored in our quotidian lives. Her unique interpretations allow such humor to find its expression in the language of oil painting. However, in many of her works, Shen Ling’s seeming dissatisfaction with simple artistic expression appears to give way to underlying social discourse.

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