René Heyvaert – Denver Mosaic 1961

Heyvaert, René
Editorial: Roma Publications
Encuadernación: Soft cover
Idioma: English
Medidas: x cm

In 1961, Belgian architect René Heyvaert conceived ‘Denver Mosaic’ for a building on the outskirts of Denver, Colorado. Due to its scale, permanence, and site specificity, the mosaic has a spatial operation that is closely linked to architecture and embodies many aspects that would play an important role in Heyvaert’s later two-dimensional and sculptural works as an artist. The time he spent in the United States marks a transformative period in which he initiated his transition from architect to visual artist; the mosaic is the most significant work produced in this period. This edition is a spin-off of research conducted by the design office AVDAK for an exhibition on Heyvaert’s work.