Polaroids and Portraits, Pieter’s New Yorkers

Publisher: Lecturis
Binding: Soft cover
Language: English/Dutch
Measurements: x cm

The Rotterdam photographer Pieter Vandermeer has inimitably portrayed a variety of New Yorkers. He did this for years with the Polaroid Land 195 camera, on the streets of New York. In addition, he portrayed New York celebrities during many years of the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR). The negatives of Pieter’s unique photographic material from New York have been digitally polished and bound in a sleek design by designer duo Rick Vermeulen and Marjolijn Verbist. Hripsimé Visser, Wim de Jong, Gerwin Tamsma and Gabriëlle Kok provided the text. The photos reflect Pieter’s extremely personal approach to the portrait phenomenon.