Pae White – Spacemanship

White, Pae
Publisher: distance
Binding: Hardback
Language: English
Measurements: x cm

The works of Pae White (born 1963 in Pasadena, lives and works in Los Angeles) have a peculiar magic. By combining techniques from fine and applied art, design and architecture, the Californian artist uses synergies and combines materials in an unusual way to create haunting installations and sculptures. But posters and exhibition catalogs also find their way into her complex work.

Central to White’s way of working is her delicate handling of the exhibition space. Using her largest production to date in Germany, the book shows how the artist turns rooms into total works of art: Spacemanship is an installation and quote from the so-called “Supergraphics”. Using these façade designs, she commented on the utopian Californian housing development Sea Ranch in a comprehensive installation. In addition to this in-situ work, White also showed three large mobiles and a 39-meter-long tapestry.

The book documents her impressive working method based on these works. The texts were written by Roland Mönig and Ernest W. Uthemann. Daniel Berndt had a conversation with the artist.