Orixe ou cando a marea baixa

Paes, Ana
Editorial: Fabulatorio
Encuadernación: Softcover
Idioma: Gallego
Medidas: x cm

“[…] Origin or when tide goes out is a complex work, with a profound lyrical capacity, which is capable of gathering and articulating, in the same narrative discourse, a story about the journey and the inner searches we make in transit; a story about family complicities and, finally, an inquiry about memory, about its distortions and its reflections in the present. From a declared subjectivity, Ana Paes’ work is not hermetic and, on the contrary, leaves room for the other and her otherness to interpret it and make it their own. Origin also manages, from an apparent diversity, to create a coherent visual imaginary -which works in the parts and in the whole- that is truly fascinating.”

(Extract from the Jury’s report of the 1st Editorial Award for Galician Documentary Photography)

— Ana Paes A Guarda (Pontevedra), 1982

Ana Paeis is a Galician visual artist based in Madrid. She holds a degree in Art History from USC (Santiago de Compostela) and a Master’s degree in History and Aesthetics of Cinematography from Uva (Valladolid). Her training in photography and film is closely linked to the research of analog techniques. He has self-published several of his projects (‘Ser cuerpo’ and ‘Ensaio II’).

Origin or when the tide goes out . Ana Paes