Metzker, Ray K.
Editorial: Aperture
Encuadernación: Hardback
Idioma: English
Páginas: 150
Medidas: 31.00 x 32.00 cm

Very good condition. One of the most inventive American photographers of the postwar era, Ray K. Metzker has startled and delighted viewers with his images. Ray K. Metzker: Landscapes is a journey through the images that he has made in the last fifteen years. During this period Metzker made many innovations and stretched the meaning and importance of the term «landscape,» using photographic styles ranging from the traditional to the surreal.\nRay K. Metzker: Landscapes incorporates twelve series of photographs, including «Feste di Foglie,» made in Tuscany; «Earthly Delights,» made in the eastern United States; work produced in Turkey and southern France; and an extensive body of work from Moab, Utah-many of these photographs previously unpublished.\nAn essay by Evan H. Turner, art historian and former director of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, investigates Metzker’s life and work, relating his photography to an art-historical tradition spanning the work of Turner, Boucher, Monet, Klimt, and many others. The book, which includes a comprehensive chronology, will accompany a major exhibition at the Cleveland Museum of Art, scheduled to open in November 2000.

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