Fundamental Concepts of Architecture

Janson, Alban
Editorial: Birkhäuser
Encuadernación: Flexicover
Idioma: English
Páginas: 396
Medidas: 18.00 x 23.50 cm

Architecture is an experience – with the intellect and with all our senses, in motion, and in use. But in order to actually discuss and assess it with relevance, a clarification of terms is essential in order to avoid the vagueness that often prevails when talking about architecture.\nThis dictionary provides a vocabulary that allows the architecture discourse to go beyond the declaration of constructive relationships or the description of architectonic forms in familiar terms like “roof,” “base,” “wall,” and “axis” or “proportion”. The point is to describe the experience of architecture: how exactly does it contribute to the experience of a situation? For instance, the staging of an entrance situation, or the layout and visitor routes through a museum.\nFrom “context,” through “guidance,” “readability,” “patina,” “spatial structure,” “symmetry” and “tectonics,” to “width” (and “narrowness”) or “window,” the most important terms in architectural language are explained precisely and in detail.


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