Auto-Destructive Art

Metzger, Gustav
Editorial: Actar
Encuadernación: Soft cover
Idioma: English
Medidas: x cm

‘Auto-destructive art is a comprehensive theory for action in the field of the plastic arts in the post-second world war period. The action is not limited to theory of art and the production of art works. It includes social action. Auto-destructive art is committed to a left-wing revolutionary position in politics, and to struggles against future wars.’
Facsimile edition of a lecture transcript given by German-born artist Gustav Metzger at the Architectural Association in February 1965. This new edition is published 50 years on since its original printing in June 1965 by the AA’s Action Communications Centre (A.C.C), reigniting Metzger’s urgent and ever-relevant arguments which confront society’s obsession with destruction and the detrimental effects of machinery on human life.’