Antony Gormley

Gormley, Antony
Encuadernación: Hardback
Idioma: English
Medidas: 23.00 x 31.00 cm

Antony Gormley ranks among the most important artists in the world and is one of Great Britain’s major contemporary sculptors. His work deals primarily with man and his complex relationship to society, architecture, and nature. The key element of his art is the human body. Using his own body as a point of departure, he presents this theme in constantly new sculptural constellations – as individual figures and in large ensembles. The exhibition at the KUB brings together four large-scale major work series from Antony Gormley’s oeuvre from the period between 1995 and 2009: the “Expansion” works, “Allotment,” “Critical Mass,” and a new installation.\nEmbedded in the context of Peter Zumthor’s architecture, they challenge the fine line in the human psyche that marks the mental balance between asserting oneself as an individual and blending into the masses.

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