Venice in Silence

Wagner, Gaby
Publisher: Ediciones El Viso
Binding: Hardcover
Language: English/Italian
Pages: 176
Measurements: 28.50 x 37.50 cm

Gaby Wagner, author of this publication photographed Venice’s overwhelming beauty throughout the lockdown in Italy

When news of the coronavirus arrived, the lockdown came fast to Italy. The figures were scary and the disaster bigger every day. But it also became a rare opportunity to truly see and share this magical city that I love so much. I photographed its overwhelming beauty, reflected in the liquid mirror of the canals, the glorious vision of architectural perfection, the colors enhanced by the incredible sun and deep blue sky we had every day. At night, walking alone through the narrow streets hearing only the sound of my footsteps in this overwhelming silence, was so mysterious and out of another world. It has been a tremendous privilege to live in the emptiness, free of human beings, with all this beauty around and all to myself. It was the most incredible experience of my life and the images and feelings will stay with me forever, hoping sincerely you will have the impression you have been there with me. – Gaby Wagner

Text in English & Italian

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