Suffo Moncloa – Walk To The Moon

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Moncloa, Suffo
Publisher: Self Published
Language: Inglés
Measurements: 21.00 x 28.00 cm

“A photo book consisting of works by me (Suffo Moncloa) mainly before 2015. It depicts a wild dream that consists of figures and symbols, signaling an apocalyptic world. What is left from waking up from a dream are hardly narratives, even the most memorable ones, but sharp details of a moment, a feeling that lingers. During the initial quarantine of the pandemic, it was difficult for me to project the future. I went back to my archive and started to notice some photos. There are some that relate to meaningful moments of my life, for instance, the cover image of black horses, the lotus flower image that I took in China, and the factory image from a road trip to Valencia. I chose only black and white photos at the beginning. Absent from colour, they may appear more distant and different from our reality, hence, more impressive in a way. When I lined them up and started to make some pairings. Some broken narratives were actually created. It led me back to the archive and started to complete the journey. It was another special moment for me and for many people as the future remained unknown to us. We are all just flickering specks in the history of the earth. Why not be daring? Dream a wild a dream. Nevertheless, it ends in peace, a hopeful wish from me, a rebirth like a lotus flower growing in muddy water.