Imprimere. Arte e Processo nos 250 Anos da Imprensa Nacional

Binding: Hardback
Language: Portugués
Pages: 291
Measurements: 22.30 x 30.50 cm

Imprimere, Arte e Processo in the 250 Years of the National Press is the result of the homonymous exhibition presented at the House of Design in Matosinhos, which is open to the public until next November 3.

Taking advantage of the occasion of the 250 years of the National Press, to mark on December 24, 2018, this work is dedicated to the artistic and productive processes of the graphic arts, situating its evolution in the general history of the graphic arts in Portugal and in the history of the National Press , in particular, observing the different techniques developed here.

The volume thus presents a broadly illustrated set of equipment, instruments, materials and professional memories that evidence the history of the graphic industry in our country, including its value in current practices and training, namely in the areas of Design education.

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