I have Nothing Left for You

Bruère, Guillaume
Publisher: Ivorypress
Binding: Paperback
Measurements: 20.00 x 15.00 cm

Ivorypress is pleased to present I Have Nothing Left for You, a publication on the first solo exhibition of French artist Guillaume Bruère in Spain, gathering a selection of his recent works ranging from drawings to sculptures.

When working, Guillaume Bruère doesn’t follow any previous concept or idea. Establishing the museum as a temporary studio, he follows his intuition to choose an artwork to draw from, completely focused on the work in front of him: his hands are busy with colour pencils, oils, pastels and watercolours. Bruère has drawn in several museums for almost ten years, mostly major public art collections. In January 2018, he visited Madrid for the first time with the support of Ivorypress creating fifty drawings within five days, ten of them are included in this exhibition.

As Elena Ochoa Foster states in the introduction, ‘Guillaume Bruère writes when he paints, his works are visual poems. His creative process is fascinating. Direct. Concentrated. Physical up to exhaustion. He takes the historical canon and twists it, makes it his to destroy it, and then rises in its essence. Guillaume is an extreme drawer, his gesture is decisive and spontaneous; his work is true to the original, free of artifice.’

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