Haus Am Horn: Bauhaus Architecture in Weimar

Blümm, Anke
Publisher: Hirmer Publishers
Language: English
Pages: 112
Measurements: 15.20 x 23.50 cm

In 1923, the Bauhaus introduced itself to the public via an exhibition staged at an astonishing site: the Haus Am Horn, designed specifically for the show. Today, the house is the only surviving example of Bauhaus architecture in Weimar. In Haus Am Horn, editors Anke Blümm and Martina Ullrich present the at times tumultuous history of this architectural landmark.

When it first opened, the Haus Am Horn was a marvel: the different workshops of the Bauhaus school had closely collaborated to outfit the building with self-designed furniture, textiles, lights, and the latest household equipment. Every detail was intended to address the question of how people would and could live in the future. Then, from 1924 until well into the 1990s, the house served as a private residence, undergoing changes that left few of the interior furnishings intact. Today, however, the Haus Am Horn has been restored and has begun a new chapter of life as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site “Bauhaus and Its Sites in Weimar, Dessau, and Bernau.” With this beautifully illustrated book in hand, visitors to the Haus Am Horn will better appreciate its storied past and vibrant legacy.

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