How much does your building weigh Mr. Foster?


The film traces the rise of one of the world’s premier architects, Norman Foster and his unending quest to improve the quality of life through design. Portrayed are emblematic projects such as the largest building in the world, Beijing Airport, the Reichstag, the Hearst Building in New York and works such as the tallest bridge ever in Millau France. In the very near future, the majority of mankind will abandon the countryside and live entirely in cities. Foster offers some striking solutions to the problems that this historic event will create. Architecture comes alive. Foster’s projects are photographed in a cinematic style that seeks to bring the spectacular nature of their size and scale to the big screen.

Foster’s projects are portrayed in a cinematic style which looks to capture the spectacular size and scale of his work on the big screen. Architecture comes to life.

Produced by Art Commissioners/Ivorypress, the film premiered to great acclaim at the Berlin Film Festival at the Berlinale Special in 2010. It won the TCM Audience Award for Best Documentary at the European Film Festival in San Sebastian, 2010, and the First Prize of the Jury of Docville International Documentary Festival 2010, Leuven, Belgium. It was also selected for the 2011 Goya Awards in the category of Best Documentary and won the Best Cinematography Award at the International Documentary section of the Sichuan TV Festival Chinese festival (SCTVF).

With important aesthetic, poetic, and documentary components, the film is directed not only to professionals and lovers of design, but to anybody who is capable of feeling the emotion of facing a work of art.