Bucky Fuller & Spaceship Earth


This short film was produced for the exhibition Bucky Fuller & Spaceship Earth held at Ivorypress Space in September-October 2010 and it traces Fuller’s life and career without leaving aside its tragicomic touch and focusing on the milestones of his work, which paved the way for the discoveries of future thinkers that affect our world today.

The documentary is devised as a homage to the American inventor and it includes fragments of footage and news broadcasts of the time, significant episodes of Fuller’s life and samples of his own thoughts and opinions accompanied by the comments of current leading figures in the sciences and arts (such as Calvin Tomkins, Deyan Sudjic, director of the Design Museum, or the architect Norman Foster) who vindicate the work and figure of a marginalised genius who was never fully understood nor appreciated. The film also shows many of his creations, such as his luminous and exquisite ‘lightful houses’, the ecological and aerodynamic Dymaxion—Dynamic Maximum Tension—cars and his magnificent geodesic domes, a perfect combination of art and technology built upon the structural principle of ‘tensegrity’—tensional integrity—, a term coined by Fuller himself.