John Gerrard

Author: John Gerrard
Year: Ivorypress, 2011
Binding: Hardcover
Language: English/Spanish edition
Pages: 176 pgs
ISBN: 978-84-938340-3-6

This catalogue accompanies John Gerrard’s first solo exhibition in Spain, held at Ivorypress between 7 February and 4 April 2011. The publication is also the first monograph about this artist, featuring a selection of his works that allows us to delve deeper into his creative universe. The pieces depict architectural landscapes as ‘isolated, enigmatic structures whose interiors remain hidden’, as Robin Mackay describes them. Gerrard’s creations show real sites ‘whose surface is captured in thousands of digital photographs which are later employed in a painstaking virtual reconstruction’. The book includes texts by Ed Keller (designer, professor, writer, musician and multimedia artist), Yoani Sánchez (writer) and philosophers Robin Mackay and Reza Negarestani, as well as an in-depth conversation with Simon Groom (director of The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh).