Highlights from the Ivorypress Collection

Author: VV.AA.
Year: 2022
Binding: Soft cover
Pages: 50
Size: 15x20cm

‘Highlights from the Ivorypress Collection’ is an exhibition brochure showcasing the highlights from our artist’s book collection as part of the celebration of the publishing house’s 25th anniversary. ⁠

The exhibition included the sixteen artists’ books published by Ivorypress during its twenty-five-year history. While each artist’s book that Ivorypress has published is unique both for its time and to the artist who made it, these books are grounded in a rich tradition of bookmaking, craftsmanship, and storytelling. So, the works published by Ivorypress are presented alongside historical precedents and contemporary works taken as points of reference out of the hundreds of objects that are held in the Ivorypress Artists’ Books Collection.⁠⁠

As a whole this show tends to demonstrate the limitless nature of the artist’s imagination and how this refusal to see a book as limited by a spine, a sequence, and pages can unearth endless new visions of what a book can be.

Not for sale. Available only upon request bookshop@ivorypress.com⁠