C Photo: Slow Motion

Author: Ivorypress
Year: Ivorypress, 2012
Language: Bilingual edition English/Spanish
Pages: 241 pgs
Size: 30 x 24 cm
ISBN: 978-­84-­939498-­8-­4

Under the title of Slow Motion, the fifth volume of C Photo features a selection of photographic essays that meticulously analyse and arrange the results of a carefully slowed-down observation that travels around the event’s periphery. These works show the tension between synchronic and asynchronous time and turn the indifference inherent to the image into an alternative narration that allows us to look at time itself from both the inside and the outside. Through the immersion in the realm of urgency they help us take the necessary distance so that the world can be restored again, patiently.

Foreword by Elena Ochoa Foster. Texts by Marta Gili and André Rouillé.