Toward the Sun/ Iremos al sol

Gimenez, Regina
Publisher: Fabulatorio
Binding: Softcover
Language: English/Español
Pages: 52
Measurements: 22.00 x 24.00 cm

Regina Gimenez’s work belongs to the field of abstraction; this initially seems to be an irrefutable fact since it is in the exploration of geometry and color that her aesthetic concerns lie.

[…] She distils an interest in what she calls “popular knowledge”, teaching models based not so much on training canons but on fictitious registers and domestic resources. In this light, disciplines such as geography and science are challenged by the artist, as she systematizes their formal elements and emphasizes their symbolic condition.

[…] In her conscientious search, visible in the serial nature of all her work, we catch a glimpse of a will to present knowledge under a logical and methodical organization.

— Javier Hontoria

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