Richard Meier “Recent works”

Meier, Richard
Publisher: Skira
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Pages: 176
Measurements: 16.70 x 21.00 cm

From the second half of the sixties the rise and consolidation, and more in general the creative career, of Richard Meier has been characterised by slow but steady reflection on modernity, its matrix and the possibility that it can be considered, even today, as a means of regeneration.
A positive obsession, marked by admirable persistence within an overall picture that is very heterogeneous and often confused.
This book attempts to clarify matters regarding the works and projects created over the last decade, mature works that also mark the definitive consecration of Meier as one of the masters of contemporary North American architecture and of the international scene in general.
These reflections on a modernism that is both solar and the conceptual child of abstract culture are superimposed on thoughts about contemporary cities and landscapes and easily lead us to many recent works such as the large complex of the Getty Center in Los Angeles or the museums for the Ara Pacis in Rome and contemporary art museum in Barcelona.
A project development that above all favours great public works creating the opportunity to give a definition to what imagining a collective space means and what a monument is in contemporary terms.
The recently church for the Jubilee in Rome, from this point of view, shows how it is still possible to unite considerations on the modernity of an architectural work with its deep relationship with the simplicity and emotion of form, light and material.

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