de la Cruz, Catalina
Publisher: Self Published
Binding: Hardcover
Measurements: 27.50 x 18.50 cm

This is an Artist’s Book, unique and unreproducible. Created from photochemical images made in Gum Bichromate and pigment, a photographic emulsion from the 19th century that incorporates paint into its solutions. This allows the displacement of the photographic image, from a contemporary approach, towards chromatic expressions of high plastic value, in tone, saturation, temperature and density. I use of this technique to approach the landscape from the perspective of the nature of color.

In the sequence of its pages, this artwork displays the cross of 20 images of photographic projects on the landscape of Latin American, part of several trips made in the last 10 years.

PASSAGE aproaches the idea of traveling in relation to the abstraction generated by the memory of fleeting images implied when moving. An approach towards visual poetics in the experience of traveling and the crossing of elements of meaning that are connected in an open, relational, changing dialogue, like memory itself.

The images, arranged in sequence and connected through cuts and windows, as tabulations of image and space, use the intervention in the architecture of the book to build visual and physical intersections, seeking a display in which each page echoes those that precede them. Outside of a linear narrative, it corresponds to an exercise in visual re-articulation, from the idea of landscape, as an abstract from which the idea of opening, impermanence, resonance and fragment emerges. A book that opens its spaces that connects territories towards a poetics of the visual multiplicity of the experience.