Man Ray: Other Objects

Ray, Man
Publisher: Walther K nig
Binding: Softcover
Language: English
Pages: 96
Measurements: 15.60 x 23.40 cm

Often considered as unique artworks, Man Ray’s original sculptures possibly never existed. They are often only known through the artist’s accounts in writing, conversations, or conspicuously dated photographs. In place of these absent signifiers, however, Man Ray created alternative variations on multiples occasions throughout his career, under morphed titles, materials, and in various quantities. These he called ‘replicas’, ‘editions’, or ‘new originals’, depending on their appearance and production method.

This collection of essays, edited by Yuval Etgar, brings to light five new studies, each dedicated to a specific object, or group of objects by Man Ray and their evolution throughout the artist’s career. With contributions by David Campany, Peter Fischli, Alyce Mahon, Jennifer Mundy, and Margrethe Troensegaard, this book explores how inconsistency, difference, and originality was manifested in Man Ray’s process of artistic reproduction and multiplication.

Man Ray: Other Objects was published on the occasion of an exhibition at Luxembourg + Co., New York, in September 2023.