LSD n° 03: A DIY Issue

Publisher: Le Signe Documents
Binding: Soft cover
Language: English,French
Pages: 198
Measurements: 13.00 x 19.00 cm

The third issue of Le Signe Design (the Cahiers of the National Graphic Design Center) is about DIY practices and is based on the work of Gilles de Brock, graphic designer who became a ceramic tile manufacturer. Do It Yourself practices are not, as is commonly assumed, limited to home improvement, nor just a way of subverting—hacking—a given social and political organization. They are also a way of looking both forward and backward, at our future and our heritage. They involve our heritage insofar as they allow constituted groups to revive past knowledge and skills threatened with extinction. They look forward in that they make it possible to create tools that do not yet exist but could. This issue is appearing in parallel with the solo exhibition retracing the career of Gilles de Brock, whose production is deeply infused with the DIY spirit. Yet his practice can’t be reduced to the things he has actually made. It is part of the kind of knowledge-sharing economy proclaimed in Stewart Brand’s counter-culture manifesto The Whole Earth Catalog, able to go even further today thanks to the participatory and interactive Web 2.0.