Las fotografías de Burton Norton “Un relato de W.G. Jones”

Momeñe, Eduardo
Publisher: AfterPhoto
Binding: Softcover
Language: Español
Pages: 496
Measurements: 15.00 x 21.00 cm

The Photographs of Burton Norton is the story of the photographic journey that photographer Burton Norton and his assistant, W.G. Jones, the narrator of the adventure, took together a long timetime after the events transpired.

Both will startt from Oxford and will cross the whole European continent, with the purpose of obtaining photographic images of everything that was maybe considered significant. Those where the days which photography had barely reached a half century of existence and it was still ttoo echnically limited to show a world that was really beating. Those were times when practicing photography was still a complex task -the difficulty of traveling with heavy photographic equipment-, but there were a lot of photographers that ventured to faraway lands. Some of them obtained extraordinary photographs under extreme difficulties. Roger Fenton, Samuel Bourne or Francis Frith are just three examples. The character of Burton Norton can be placed among those who travelled the world to obtain the best photographs it could give them. In this case, it was the quest for the silence in the European continent.

The photographs of Burton Norton remain captured in a book, in the photographs themselves -a photographic journey- and in the story -a literary journey- this his assistant W.G. Jones undertook decades after that tour across European land.

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