Kutlug Ataman. You Tell Me About Yourself Anyway!

Kutlug, Ataman
Binding: Softback
Language: English/Türk
Pages: 136
Measurements: 19.50 x 20.60 cm

‘Kutlug Ataman’s entire body of work constructs an exceedingly unique projection in contemporary video art of the tradition of portraiture, one of the oldest genres of art history.’ (Emre Baykal)

Winner of many awards including the Carnegie prize, and shortlisted for the Turner Prize in 2004, Kutlug Ataman has left his mark on contemporary art history especially with his work on identity. He continues to exhibit his video installations at important museums and galleries.

This is book number four in a series that is edited by world renowned curator René Block. The series consists of comprehensive monographs on internationally recognised artists from Turkey.

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