Here and there

Hayashi, Nakako
Publisher: Nieves
Binding: Paperback
Measurements: 0.00 x 0.00 cm

“The reason I decided to have the idea of loneliness as the subject of our feature was nourished through my e-mails with Elein Fleiss. It all started when I asked her, for a magazine, about Purple Journal’s editorial direction. She then mentioned that as we live in the present, she sensed the need for artists to face the loneliness within. I was touched by her point of view and began to think that I would like to deal with the issue in Here and There as well. I truly hope that the feeling I nurtured for half a year will become the new seed for people who may pick up this issue.

This SANPO issue began from a chance conversation I had with Akira Onozuka. As trees grow older every year, Here and There has slowly, but steadily, brought people together and has grown in the past six years. I would like to send my gratitude to everyone who took part in helping me with this issue, including the writing, photography and translation. As you may have decided to pick this up, I wish that I will meet you someday, somewhere.” Nakako Hayashi

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