Gardens of the world “Two Thousand Years of Garden Design”

Pigeat, Jean-Paul
Publisher: Flammarion
Binding: Hardcover
Language: English
Pages: 224
Measurements: 24.30 x 32.70 cm

Internationally renowned expert Jean-Paul Pigeat sets out to examine both the enduring styles and the bold new trends in garden design. Pigeat juxtaposes traditional and contemporary garden designs, exploring their themes as expressions of a culture’s artistic creativity and social structure.

Pigeat retraces his steps through famous and lesser-known gardens around the world-from Roman emperor Hadrian’s universalist Tivoli park to Middle Eastern water gardens, and from eighteenth-century British garden design to a modern-day lightning field. Each garden has something to teach about the history of garden design, from the ostentatious design of Versailles, where the sumptuous layout reflects the monarch’s power, to the inspired innovation of the Eden Project in England, which aims to teach visitors about the environment, our most precious resource; to the cutting-edge design of the Gas Works Park in Seattle, Washington, which reclaimed a former industrial site for the people of the city to enjoy.

Lavishly illustrated, with a lush format and informative text this truly magnificent panorama of garden design will meet the expectations of professional, designers, and garden travelers alike.

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