Fuerzas y cuerpos

Artés, Paula
Publisher: Self Published
Binding: Hardcover
Language: English/Spanish/Catalan
Pages: 120
Measurements: 22.50 x 28.50 cm

Fuerzas y cuerpos is about the invisibility of the Civil Guard (Guardia Civil) in Catalunya (Spain). The Civil Guard is a police force that in Catalunya (in contrast to the rest of Spain) we know that exists, but we never see; we see the headquarters but we don’t know if there are people inside. We don’t know which their function is either. That is why I am talking about invisibility as a power, when these security forces are invisible is when they are operative, they are invisible to control. After many permissions I got access to the headquarters of the Civil Guard in Catalunya.

This is a security system in a particular place, this is a universal project. Many security forces in other countries use invisibility as a control and operation system. I photograph the spaces in which they operate and work, their vehicles, the files, the shooting fields, the tools and the offices, making visible the spaces of control to which the citizens do not have access. The title of the project refers to the law that indicates the competences they have in Catalunya.

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