Estamos Buscando A

Turounet, Paul
Publisher: Self Published
Binding: box
Language: English
Pages: 100
Measurements: 14.60 x 19.50 cm

The quest for a greater understanding of purpose and meaning is universal to our collective existence. We wrestle with the anxiety and uncertainty we all face when we leave behind the known for the unknown. Regardless of the demarcation lines of country and culture, we are all migrants in search of something profound and meaningful to our being. The bright border light forces a pause in this transitory experience for the migrant crossing the U.S. – Mexico border. At that very moment, their faces intimately reveal an unsettling and knowing sense that something is being lost and sacrificed in anticipation of something gained once nightfall finally arrives.

Estamos Buscando A navigates a personal exploration into the migrant experience along the U.S.–Mexico border region, with a series of intimate portraits, landscape photographs, illustrations, maps, advisories and personal narratives. The book has been designed to reference the migrant safety guides that are given to migrants by Grupos Beta and the Instituto Nacional de Migración of the Mexican government.which works for the protection and defense of human rights of migrants on Mexico’s northern and southern borders, through support actions such as search and rescue, humanitarian assistance, legal advice and guidance.

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