El elefante africano (Limited Edition)

1. LIS 2African_elephant_charging
Pons, Lisette
Publisher: Self Published
Measurements: 0.00 x 0.00 cm

In this intimate edition, the photographer presents a work closely linked to her personal experience. Besides she analyses the issue of the survival of the great African elephant and of Maasai culture. Through profound immersion in silence and reflection, she investigates “evolution”.

“… I felt the desire to live in these places where, in the enormous space of their extent, I found the sound of peace. I came back time and again…”

Her work and creation of images in the darkroom take her on a journey through time and space, constantly in the presence of “the fragility of memory”. Without resort to the advantages of digital technology, she shows us her long journey through photography.

This edition invites us to enjoy the results of the artist’s personal and professional evolution. Lisette Pons who, in her untiring quest, takes her photography one step further through her processing innovations and use of materials.

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