Dehesa de Cuaternos

Publisher: Caniche
Binding: Softcover
Language: Español
Pages: 104
Measurements: 14.40 x 22.50 cm

Dehesa de Cuaternos (The Pasturelands of Cuaternos) is a selection of never-before-published photographs taken by Antonio González Martín-Gamero (Madrid, 1880-1949) during the early decades of the 20th century on a tobacco farm in the region of La Vera (Cáceres). Martín-Gamero developed narrative themes centered on the portrait: gestures, gazes and a lively spark carry his images from the territory of social anthropology into the psychology of each character. This series of photographs about workers on the farm probably best defines his legacy, and has reached us today thanks to his family’s conservation work.

This edition, which responds to the need to recover this deeply artistic material, also aims to offer new readings that shed light on how the image and identity of Extremadura was built, highlighting the fundamental role of the pasturelands and their inhabitants in building its history and culture, which comprise a good part of the idiosyncrasy and symbolic imagery of the region and the entire country.

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