DateLine “Contemporary Art fron the Pacific”

Devenport, Rhana
Publisher: Hatje Cantz Verlag
Binding: Hardback
Language: English/German
Pages: 144
Measurements: 24.50 x 24.50 cm

Still relatively unknown in the West, this is our first look at contemporary art emerging from the Pacific regions, which attempts to combine traditional techniques with modern concerns.

A real treasure: for the first time in Europe, it is possible to discover the contemporary art of the Pacific, and to become acquainted with its most important representatives. Featuring essays by experts from New Zealand, this publication offers a clear overview of the artistic trends developing in the region. Date Line closely examines how this new generation of artists reacts to the conflict between tradition and modernity, exploring the ways in which a revival of native traditions, combined with an exploration of Western role models, is leading to the development of a unique “Pacific Style.”

The fourteen artists introduced here find themselves caught in between the unalterable traditions of their ancestors and the reality of globalization, so apparent in their cities. The spiritual heritage of the region, the colonialism-induced break with tradition, the consequences of forced migration, exile, abduction, and the destruction of natural resources are key themes of their work, conveyed via a range of contemporary media and visual language.

Exhibition schedule: Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, September 8–October 21, 2007 · Stadtgalerie Kiel, January 26–March 24, 2008 · Galerie der Stadt Sindelfingen, April 20–June 22, 2008

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