Dark Mirror

Amorales, Carlos
Publisher: Hatje Cantz Verlag
Binding: Hardcover
Language: English/German
Measurements: 26.50 x 20.40 cm

Carlos Amorales (*1970) is one of Mexico’s most important contemporary artists. His works have been displayed in numerous international exhibitions at renowned institutions, including the Venice and Berlin biennials.

Central to Amorales’s work is the Liquid Archive: an electronic catalogue composed of hundreds of different figures—including animals, people, and hybrids—which provides the artist with an inexhaustible source of images. Amorales compounds elements of this rich iconographic repertoire in ever-new combinations, and in a number of different media, such as animation, works on paper, and paintings. In this way, he employs contemporary methods to create archetypal images, full of menacing beauty, that imprint themselves on the viewer’s memory. Dark Mirror is a comprehensive publication of the artist’s current projects, also featuring the transcript of an extensive conversation between Amorales and Hans-Michael Herzog, the director of the Daros-Latinamerica Collection.

Exhibition schedule: Daros Exhibitions, Zurich, May 5–September 2, 2007

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