Andy Warhol Exhibits: A Glittering Alternative

Warhol, Andy
Publisher: Walther König
Binding: Hardcover
Language: English
Pages: 320
Measurements: 25.70 x 33.00 cm

Exhibition artist, installation artist or curator? Andy Warhol: Exhibits accomplishes a rich and original take on an oeuvre that has not lacked for critical scrutiny. It looks at rarely shown works that look behind the facade of the world-famous pop-art icon to rediscover Warhol’s innovations as an exhibition and installation artist, from the perspective of all that he has subsequently influenced in installation art and beyond.

The book includes Warhol’s famous 1963 ARTNEWS interview with Gene Swenson, which became a primary text of the pop-art movement. Encompassing both early and late works, and traversing all of the mediums in which he worked, Andy Warhol: Exhibits shows how the artist’s modes of presentation can be understood as an essential part of his oeuvre.