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Tyler, Adrian
Publisher: Selfpublished
Binding: Hardcover
Measurements: 11.20 x 15.30 cm

SIGNED BOOK + PRINT. 10 copies only manufactured. Adrian Tyler’s world begins on his balcony threshold. Perhaps paying homage to the iconic photograph that Joseph Nicéphore Niépce took from his window to illuminate the very birth of the photographic genre or participating in the indiscretion (observation rather) of James Stewart in the famous cult film by Alfred Hitchcock, Tyler leans out , look and collect. The precise coordinates of your balcony become the axes of the world, of your world. The only thing missing is the ingredient of time, also of a precise and concrete time: of that time made up of those “todays and nows” that each photograph steals from existence. Impregnated with the best pictorial realism, the series shows a recidivist urban space, obstinate in being nothing more than an immutable scenery for the urban action of passers-by and vehicles until it succumbs to the brush —sometimes thick and sometimes fine— of nature, its Light and its phenomena. That is why the world that for Adrian Tyler begins on his balcony in a neighborhood in the Centro district of Madrid is actually made of many worlds, of all the worlds that nature chisels at every moment.
Inaki Bergera