26 / 04 / 2019

On 7th May Ivorypress hosted the launch of La Fin—Vestiges, an artist book by Nicole Herzog-Verrey, which contains nine reproductions of her ten-year work on glaciers in a white wooden box. The artist will be accompanied by the professional framer César Corredor Díaz and the Ecology professor Javier Benayas.

‘Glaciers in the Alps have been dwindling for more than a hundred years, but it is really the twenty-first century which has brought about an alarming acceleration of this process. Glaciers are a very important freshwater reserve. What will happen when they have gone?’

Each year, Nicole selects and visits alpine glaciers and thus increases a photographic inventory, which she then uses as fundament and inspiration for her artistic work. For her, glaciers are terminal patients.

Nicole Herzog-Verrey studied photography at the Regent Street Polytechnic, Westminster University (1968-1970), and later graduated in Fine Arts at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (2005). She has exhibited in Paris, Basel, Zurich, New York, Beirut, Lisbon, Lausanne, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai and Madrid, among others. Initially, the artist focused her artistic career on subject matters such as her Spanish/Swiss identity. Since 2007, her main focus has been the development of climate change. Gallerist and art critic Marc de Puechredon has collaborated with her since 2012.

César Corredor started working in his father’s framing company at the age of eighteen. Today, at forty-four, he has an extensive background in creating collections of frames for major exhibitions and artists. He has collaborated with significant art institutions such as the Reina Sofía and Thyssen museums, in Madrid. Moreover, the Ivorypress team has worked with him on most exhibitions, including those of Francis Bacon, Damien Hirst and Isamu Noguchi. The box in Edmund de Waal’s artist’s book, currently on display at Ivorypress, has also been created by him.

Javier Benayas is professor of Ecology at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and member of the advisory committee on Red de Desarrollo Sostenible (Sustainable Development Network). From 2003 to 2009, he was vice-rector at Universidad Autónoma, together with rector Ángel Gabilondo. One of his main lines of research focuses on management assessment of public use activities in natural protected areas. Since 2008, he has directed and actively participated in several research projects to identify the impact of tourist activities in Antarctica. He has been first deputy mayor and planning and sustainability councillor at Soto del Real Municipality since 2015.