Lia Sáile

Lia Sáile (Essen-Werden, Germany, 1985). 'Focusing on the individual and the subjective, I identify and confront the borders between private and public, of inside and outside, the hidden and the exposed, and thus inevitably deal with mankind as a whole. Corresponding to metaphysical questions and inherently human conflicts, desires, needs, fears and questions, I touch on complex spheres of emotion and thought. As the individual lives within a context, all social and political aspects, tradition, culture, history,—which are inseparably interconnected to the individual—are all intrinsic elements. I find it unfathomable to deal with the human mind, soul and emotion detached from the body, as it is especially the physical that connects the inside with the outside. In my working process I am driven to create a balance between coincidence and the unpredictable on the one hand, and the precisely planned and controlled on the other, in order to substantially deal with such complexities. Polaroid film allows me to combine chance and control, mind and physicality as well as momentariness and infinity. These eight Polaroids are taken from the large unfinished photo series In Between, which started in July 2008, in Italy.'