Un oficio de locos “Editores fundamentales en conversación con Juan Cruz Ruiz”

Cruz, Juan
Publisher: Ivorypress
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 260
Measurements: 10.50 x 15.00 cm

A Crazy Job – Leading Publishers in Conversation with Juan Cruz Ruiz inaugurates a new collection by Ivorypress entitled Essential Ivorypress. In this book, the Spanish journalist Juan Cruz Ruiz interviews publishers from all over the world about their careers and about the future of books and the profession of publisher in a key moment for the publishing industry. Among those interviewed are: Riccardo Cavallero (Mondadori), Joaquín Díez-Canedo (Fondo de Cultura Económico), Inge Feltrinelli (Feltrinelli), Antoine Gallimard (Gallimard), Jorge Herralde (Anagrama), Sigrid Kraus (Salamandra), Michael Krüger (Hanser Verlag), Peter Mayer (Overlook Press), Beatriz de Moura (Tusquets Editores), Stephen Page (Faber and Faber), Robert Silvers (New York Review of Books) and George Weidenfeld (Orion Books).

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