C International Photo Magazine – Issue 4 (Eng)

Publisher: Ivorypress
Binding: Hardcover
Language: English/Chinese
Pages: 303
Measurements: 23.00 x 34.00 cm

New. In William Shakespeare´ss play As You Like It, Orlando declared: All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players?. This issue pays tribute to the affectation and artifice, falsity and staging present in so much of contemporary photography. It illustrates the fullest possible range of photography, from digital imaging and computer modelling through to documentary.
Collector: Sir Elton John Photography Collection. Avedon, Richard / Appelt, Dieter / Bourke-White, Margaret / Callahan, Harry / Dijkstra, Rineke / Goicolea, Anthony / González Palma, Luis / Huan, Zhang / Kertesz, André / Lange, Dorothea / Levitt, Helen / McGinley, Ryan / Muniz, Vik / Neshat, Shirin / Penn, Irving / Ray, Man / Sherman, Cindy / Taylor Wood, Sam / Empel, Ruud van / Wearing, Gillian / Weston, Edward / Yamamoto, Masao.
Auction Houses (II) A selection of photographs that have achieved record-breaking prices at Christie?s, Phillips de Pury & Company and Sotheby’s. Girault de Prangey, Joseph / Philibert / Gursky, Andreas / Le Gray, Gustave / Prince, Richard / Ray, Man / S. Curtis, Edward / Sherman, Cindy / Steichen, Edward / Stieglitz, Alfred / Strand, Paul / Sugimoto, Hiroshi.
Archive: Allen Ginsberg. Throughout his life, the poet and activist built this personal photographic archive, which contains emblematic images and portraits of members of the Beat Generation.
Scope / Portfolio: Al-Shaik, Anas / Angel Rios, Miguel/ Bartos, Adam / Bhadra, Achinto / Bendiksen, Jonas / Fischer, Ernst / Gursky, Andreas / Johan, Simen / Lachapelle, David / Lainé, Daniel / Ma, Maleonn / McConnell, Gareth / Mosse, Richard / Olaf, Erwin / Parke, Trent / Ramette, Phillippe / Roberts, Simon / Skoglund, Sandy / Tien Chang, Wu / Xiaochun, Miao / Yee, I-Lann.
C Action: grants awarded to Julia Peirone, the Swedish photographer, and Loan Nguyen, born in Switzerland but with Vietnamese roots.
Vintage: Lang Jingshan is considered the master of traditional Chinese photography, a reputation borne out in this selection of handcrafted photomontages, strongly influenced by oriental pictorialism.
Guest: Marina Abramovic has created a calendar for this section that recalls a popular American icon.
Interviews and Essays: Bethel, Denise / Bright, Susan / Furnish, David / Garner, Philippe / Gormley, Antony / Shen, Chen / Silberman, Steve / Watriss, Wendy / Wester, Rick

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