C International Photo Magazine Issue 3

Publisher: Ivorypress
Binding: Hardcover
Language: Spanish
Measurements: 23.00 x 34.00 cm

New. The modern city is a cultural, religious and social laboratory where new relationships are constantly evolving and being tested. These vast urban spaces are generating a fluctuating social magma that is transforming the topography of the urban environment and the demands made by citizens on their governments.
Collector: The Deutsche Bank Collection; Appelt, Dieter / Becher, Bernd and Hilla / Collishaw, Mat / Goldsworthy, Andy / Graubner, Gotthard / Gursky, Andreas / Hiroshi, Sugimoto / Hoefer, Candida / Huber, Stephan / Klauke, Jurgen / Liebscher, Martin / Mayer, Katharina / Peters, Ralf / Prinz, Bernhard / Struth, Thomas / Rehm, Dieter / Rosefelt, Julian / Yanagi, Miwa.
Archive: Ford Motor Company Collection, images held by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC that reflects avant-garde trends between the two world wars; Bayer, Herbert / Berman, Meiczyslaw Domela, Cesar / Evans, Walker / Feininger, Lux / Hine, Lewis / Mantz, Werner Moholy-Nagy, László / Tabard, Maurice.
Vernacular stories of two cities London and Shanghai: Images taken by the London Fire Brigade. Shanghai Story Photographs; Birns, Jack / Bosshard, Walter / Saunders, William.
Scope / Portfolio: Ávila, Jaime / Baladi, Lara / Barbieri, Olivo / Costa, Giacomo / Emoto, Maseru / González, Dionisio / Hayashi, Masumi / Knechtel, Gunnar / Liqing, Xiang / Maamoun, Maha / Markou, Nikos / Morell, Abelardo / Petersen, Anders / Ortiz, Aitor / Osamu, Kanemura / Rio Branco, Miguel / Shin, Eun Kyung / Stephenson, Roberto / Terada, Mayumi / Vandenhove, Wilfried / Xing, Danwen / Yang Hu.
C Action: grants awarded to Antonio Girbés and Aniu.
Guest: Bill Viola The landmark video artist presents a selection of high-definition video images made in collaboration with photographer Kira Perov.
Interviews and Essays: Grigoteit, Ariane / Hambourg, Maria Morris / H?Friedhelm / Llorens, Mart? Loh, Jean / Sanders, James / Sudjic, Deyan / Suter, Gerardo / Zagajewski, Adam.

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