C International Photo Magazine – Issue 1 (Eng)

Publisher: Ivorypress
Binding: Hardcover
Language: English/Chinese
Measurements: 23.00 x 34.00 cm

New. Photography today enjoys greater social and artistic recognition than at any time since its inception in the early 19th century. The primacy of the photographic image is a sign of the times in which we live, while the broad use that artists make of it around the world is proof of its importance in contemporary culture.
Collector: Martin Z. Margulies; the leading US collector, gives an account of the origins and criteria behind his collection, and provides his own selection of photographic works. Chan, Chao / Delahaye, Luc / Dicorcia, Philip-Lorca / Eggleston, William / Eliasson, Olafur / Fischer, Roland / Kurland, Justine / Levitt, Helen / Mantz, Werner/ Renger ? Patzsch, Albert / Shore, Stephan / Sloth, Alec, Struth, Thomas / Vkhutemas Shcool.
Yossi Milo Gallery: Yossi Milo, director of the New York gallery of the same name, presents a selection of photographs by artists that he represents. Johan, Simen / Johnson, Eirik / Lux, Loretta / Morrissey, Trish / Sanguinetti, Alessandra / Sarfati, Lise / Zheng, Liu.
Archive: Isamu Noguchi, the photographic archive that the Japanese sculptor put together after the Second World War is published here for the first time.
Scope / Portfolio: Chelbin, Michal / Claiborne, Barron / Colvin, Calum / Jordan, Chris / Hoefer, Candida Hoppypopmuseum Kahn Selesnick / Kooi, Ellen / Kuhn, Mona / Lamsweerde & Matadin, Ineez Van & Vinoodh Lei, Han / Morimura, Yasumasa / López, Marcos / Masao, Yamamoto / Moriyama, Daido / Oh, Hein-Kuhn / Paredes, Cecilia / Prieto, Castro/ Qingsong, Wang / Ramette, Philippe / Res & Contanza Piaggio / Skart.
C Action: the two grants of this issue go to: Eustaquio, Neves / Tabrizian, Mitra.
Vintage: A selection of images by Dmitri Baltermants, the artist known as the Eye of Russia. From the Second World War to the fall of Communism.
Guest: With this previously unpublished series the film director Wim Wenders speaks of the need for images, of the desire to transcend time, of tourists and travellers.
Interviews and Essays: Harrison, Martin / Margulies, Martin Z. / Milo, Yossi / Merewether, Charles / Wombell, Paul.

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