Taeuber- Arp, Sophie
Publisher: Ivorypress
Binding: Hardback
Language: English
Pages: 242
Measurements: 37.50 x 27.00 cm

This photo album facsimile edition presents forty-seven works by Sophie Taeuber-Arp in the fields of applied arts and interior design, which the artist compiled around 1930. The photographs show a selection of her works made after 1916 and were taken by various photographers in the New Objectivity style. It includes pieces as distinct as the marionettes,stained-glass windows, furniture, interiors and textile design.
Encompassing large, site-specific projects and smaller compositions alike, this book testifies to the breadth and heterogeneity of Taeuber-Arp’s oeuvre, which was among the most progressive of the time. This refined, limited edition facsimile has been carefully designed to reproduce the original album from the 1930s—originally used by the artist to introduce herself as a versatile artist who was capable of fulfilling the most varied commissions and requests. From the clothbound hardback cover with unique aged screws to the lavishly printed photographs on satin-finished Symbol Tatami paper by Fedrigoni, this album represents a testimony of Sophie Taeuber-Arp’s critical contribution to modern art. At the same time, if one compares her textiles, marionettes, and tubular steel furniture to works created in other centres of modernism at the time, the album reveals that her designs were among the most progressive of her time.

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