Opening of ‘New York’, an exhibition by David Jiménez

1 / 03 / 2024

Last Thursday, 29 February 2024, Ivorypress hosted the opening of Spanish photographer David Jiménez’s first solo exhibition in our Madrid Space.

This exhibition, open until 29 June, brings together a series of atemporal black-and-white photographic impressions of the city of New York combining street scenes, visions on the architecture of the city with insights into specific ambiences and situations.

Concrete and poetic shots combine in a visually compelling journey in which a sense of time and place are lost. The photographs seek not to describe but to evoke the sensations that the city produces, the impressions it leaves in our memory, sometimes in the form of a dream rather than reality. The images were taken on aimless walks, and mostly have a timeless quality.

These photographs were first published in 2023 in New York Memories, the first collaboration by American writer Bob Colacello and David Jiménez, published as part of the Ivorypress Cities series.

Additionally for this exhibition, Jiménez has produced a mosaic with details of one of the city’s subway stations, showing a material decay and some unique painting interventions. It’s not clear if these interventions have been carried out for technical reasons or due to the madness of an individual but regardless, they are transformed into a kind of visual poem of strange geometries that border on abstraction, creating a counterpoint to the body of the exhibition.